Let's do this thang!


This is a time for you to have fun, love each other, run around and enjoy your time spent together. Think of it as a date night or a day out with the family. We all need those every now and then.

Let's have your engagement session in the Northern California forest or in your home. Want to have a senior session at the lake, let's do it! 

Email me and let’s go from there! We can chat on the phone, via email, or even over Zoom. I want to get to know you and answer all your questions so you can feel reassured about finding the right fit for your perfect day.


Your life deserves to be documented and I am here for it. 

From the day we start chatting all the way until your photos are delivered I will ensure that we are all on the same page. Your life deserves to be documented with the real moments you share and I will go above and beyond to document those exact moments.

I will be very honest since day one which brings me to say that I am not the perfect match everyone and that's okay.

A moment of honesty.


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